South Potomac Valley Property Owners Association
Levels, West Virginia

Electronic Mailing

  • Receive minutes and other correspondence electronically to your online mailbox. 

    • Your annual fee notice will still be mailed

  • If message is returned undeliverable, a hard copy will be mailed to the address on record.

  • Messages will contain SPVPOA matters only, no unsolicited SPAM will be permitted.

    • If you have a SPAM filter, please set it to receive mail from Secretary@SPVPOA.com


  • Help the environment, save some trees.

  • Help the association to reduce administration costs and use more money for road maintenance.

How do I sign up

  • Click on the email icon or send an email to Secretary@SPVPOA.com with the word subscribe in the subject field.  Please include your name and lot number in the body of the email.

Let's Go Green and save some trees

Please direct any comments or suggestions to webmaster@spvpoa.com